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First & Foremost We Are A Family Farm

There are so many venues who spent bundles of money building a "barn wedding venue" and for that reason they operate as a business and not like a family. Our farm was here long before we started hosting weddings, and we see each couple as a guest in our home. 

So how are we different?

  1.  We only host 1 event per weekend. You can start setting up decorations on Monday of your event week. No more stressing about your decor set up while getting ready for the most memorable day of your life.

  2. There is no difference in price based on the day of the week. A Saturday night wedding costs the same as Sunday afternoon. We don't want anyone picking a day they don't really want just because of price.

  3. Every event is custom! Weddings are expensive. We believe that when you spend as much time and money as it takes to plan a wedding every event should be unique. As a Cavalli Creek guest, you work with a wedding planner from day 1! (not just a day of coordinator) Your planner will help you make decisions about budgets, vendors, and how to recreate you Pinterest vision boards.

  4. We host custom events at DIY prices. We can do this because of our preferred vendor list. It's easy to use and set up so that in 5 minutes you can pick exactly what you want and what works with your budget. Think of it as building your own custom "all inclusive" package. We pass our discounted venue rate onto you. That means that your wedding will cost 10-15% less than most all other inclusive venues. 

  5. We believe our farm is beautiful and we want to share it with couples who appreciate it as much as we do! Our farm was built as an equestrian farm for show horses and we believe its the most beautiful farm around. Despite that, we are one of the most affordable venues and there's a reason for that. We want couples to book with us who appreciate our farm and love it like we do, no matter what their budget is. This is your special day and we want to help create your perfect dream wedding.

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